- Gary's Philosophy -




Over the course of his life, Gary has undertaken a systematic investigation of the principles that govern human behavior in organizations. He takes a curious and pragmatic view of what works and what doesn't, and believes that true leaders are willing to puncture orthodoxies and dispense with received wisdom. He offers leadership lessons firmly grounded in theory, but with a people-centered focus.

Gary understands that the most incisive, actionable insights are of limited value if the audience can't internalize them. Subsequently, he conveys even sophisticated concepts and ideas in precise, elegant and easily-digestible language.

Decades of research and field experience inform Gary's philosophy. He believes creativity is too often driven out of us from an early age, as schools, and later businesses, train us to be obedient rule followers. Few organizations have any idea how to help their people maximize their creative contributions.

This is partially because innovative people are often hard to manage; they frequently question authority and are absolutely dogged in their persistence. The qualities associated with innovation and leadership are rarely valued in terms of hiring and personnel management. In fact, most organizations seek precisely the opposite, and actually punish the expression of innovation.