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Along with his pioneering management work, Gary Heil is an internationally recognized best-selling author. Published works include:


One Size Fits One: Building Relationships One Customer and Employee at a Time

How can you earn the unshakable loyalty of customers and employees who have more options than ever before? By building and nurturing one relationship at a time. In "One Size Fits One," Gary Heil explores how our new highly-personalized and customer-driven environment has created pressing challenges for corporate leaders. Dispensing with the traditional "one size fits all mindset" in favor of a tailored, "one size fits one" approach is the best way to cultivate enduring long-term relationships.


Leadership and the
Customer Revolution

Readers who are tired of leaders paying lip service to the notion of change -- while adamantly refusing to depart from the status quo -- will thrill to this unsparing look at the rhetoric of change vs. the actual reality we've created. In "Leadership and the Customer Revolution," Gary Heil challenges us to take on the system, completely re-evaluate our thinking and become the architects of a very different type of organization. The Customer Revolution is here -- and only those who adapt to the new reality by transforming their organizations will prosper. 


The Art and Science
of Pitching

Throwing a ball seems like the simplest of activities. Yet pitching at a high level is a remarkably complex and nuanced endeavor. In "The Art and Science of Pitching," Gary Heil rigorously explores the scientific concepts that underpin effective pitching -- and, just as critically, the psychological component that so often dictates success or failure on the mound. Heil, an experienced baseball coach in his own right, offers readers perhaps the most comprehensive guide ever written to the art and science of throwing a baseball. 


The Leader's New Clothes

It takes courage to point out what everyone knows is obviously wrong  -- if leadership is deeply convinced it's right. That's the theme of the classic children's tale "The Emperor's New Clothes," which Gary Heil has smartly updated for the modern corporate set. In this deeply insightful (yet often quite humorous) take on contemporary corporate leadership, Gary traces one CEOs journey of self-discovery -- a trip that culminates with the kind of authentic leadership that wins the hearts, minds and passion of employees.



Employee Management and Customer Service in the
Retail IndustRY

Deciding upon the best methodology for dealing with employees and customers is a fundamental question that has bedeviled business leaders for years. In "Employment Management and Customer Service in the Retail Industry," Gary Heil addresses this inquiry by exploring how theory and psychology can be applied to the everyday realities of retail store management. Readers will learn how to identify the best employees, understand what motivates them and -- ultimately -- retain them. 


Maslow on Management

Abraham Maslow may be best known for his famous theory of the "hierarchy of needs," yet this seminal thinker possessed the kind of wide-ranging brilliance that shines fresh light on any subject it touches -- and management is no exception. "Maslow on Management" artfully illustrates the lasting impact of Maslow's work on contemporary management practices. These timeless, trenchant observations remain deeply relevant to all manner of present-day business situations. 



Douglas McGregor, Revisited: Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise

In the realm of management, few thinkers were more visionary than the great business theorist Douglas McGregor. One of McGregor's core insights -- that offices could be more humanistic -- has revolutionized the way smart companies approach employee management.  In "Douglas McGregor, Revisited: Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise," Gary Heil offers his own keenly-observed insights into how McGregor's once radical notions have become commonly accepted -- and why his ideas are more relevant then ever today.